Little Girl Published

By KingCobra

This Ludum Dare entry was created solo in 48 hours.How horrible! A poor, defenseless little girl has been locked away! Her captors are cruel and under orders to keep her imprisoned--or dead. Perhaps they weren't wrong to lock her away, though. She seems to house a dark, wildly powerful secret underneath her innocent appearance.Help the little girl skip her way to freedom by unleashing a hellish phantom from within, but don't let it consume her life.Little Girl is a dark, atmospheric action game where quick, merciless kills are the name of the game, and balance is the way of life. It features a fully-interactive soundtrack, morphing gameplay types, and a perfectly innocent, shape-shifting demon of a lead character.Little Girl was created for the Ludum Dare #35 compo competition (solo, 48 hours).Keyboard and mouse (or two-button touchpad) required.


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